Digital Storytelling Sample – The Jew’s Daughter

I was talking in class last week about a “canonical” e-lit piece that I couldn’t remember the name of but that used links/shifts in text in unusual¬†ways. Turns out, the project I was thinking of was “The Jew’s Daughter” by Judd Morrissey, with contributions from Lori Talley. First published in 2000.

The ELO describes the project like this:¬†The Jew’s Daughter is a work that renegotiates the concept of the hypertext to present a reconfigurative narrative. As the reader moves the mouse over links, segments of a page replace one another fluidly, giving the reader the sensation of watching a single page evolve step by step into another kind of textual instrument with its own sense of narrative rhythm. *They also provide files you can download to experience the project, if you’re having trouble with the online version.

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