Co-facilitated by Kerry Banazek, Carrie Hall, and Jean Ferguson Carr
University of Pittsburgh English Department, Spring 2015

Practicum Description: A one-credit workshop for experienced teaching assistants. Participants will present and discuss detailed unit plans for assignments with digital production components. Attention will be paid to crafting rationales and other documents that play important roles in helping new pedagogical initiatives gain support at the institutional level. As a group, we will create a collection of materials that can be shared both within and beyond the practicum itself and which will contribute to wider departmental discussions of digital media and pedagogy. At the end of the semester, each participant will produce several documents that will make strong additions to a teaching portfolio.
Days we expect to meet and workshop schedule (updated Jan. 19; unless otherwise noted, we’ll begin in 329 and move to 435 at 12:15):

          January 15, 29 :: Introductions and group groundwork
          February 12 :: Workshop: Katie :: Snack: Lauren – begin at 11:30, sharing of personal digital work
          February 19 :: Workshop: Molly :: Snack: Noel – begin at 12:15 in lab; we encourage going to the comp search open interview
          February 26 :: Workshop: Noel & Kelsey :: Snack: Jess
          March 5 :: Workshop: Jess :: Snack: Kelsey :: Guest: Jean Grace – meet in 501 at 11 so we can project
          March 26 :: Workshop: Lauren :: Guest: Annette Vee

* Still to-be-scheduled: a pedagogy presentation open to the department in early April and an informal end-of-semester debrief (if people are interested).

During the week you’re up for workshop, we ask you to share a unit plan that includes:

– An assignment sheet
– A day-by-day schedule for the unit (including notes on activities)
– If applicable: a list of materials (links, readings, resources, etc.) that you’ll provide to students and/or a list of things students will need access to in order to complete the assignment (lab computers, particular software, cameras, microphones, etc.)
– A rationale (including learning outcomes chart and how unit might fit into a class/classes)
– A copy of or link to one pedagogy article (loosely defined) that informs your rationale.
     * Of course, some of these components will be a bit messy. This is meant to be a shop for work-in-progress.

You’ll have approximately 30 minutes to present (if you want them), and we’ll preserve at least 30 minutes to discuss questions, issues, or ideas that your work has spurred us to. Your presentation can be as informal as coming with a few questions or calling attention to something particularly provocative from the materials of your unit or your found pedagogy article (which might actually be a book, website, podcast, etc.). Alternately, you’re invited to introduce us to your work through an activity or to take this time to test-run a tech tutorial (or part of one) with a friendly audience.

The week your materials will be workshopped, we ask that you distribute them to the group by Monday night. The background article will be optional reading, but we want everyone to have a chance to look closely at your materials.

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